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 Registering your child at NTES

Special Olympics Spring 2015                NTES students participated in the Special Olympics for Spring of 2015                                                                                  

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2015 Science Olympiad 
NTES participates in Science  Olympiad Saturday April 11, 2015.

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NTES Congratulations to Audrey Everett.  She received
several awards at the Southeast Regional
Science Fair February 7.      



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NTES  benefits from a  $3700.00 grant from Landfall Foundation. 
Congratulations to Ms. Strother for getting this together.

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  NTES Dolphins SWIM to Success

S-  Safe. Being safe in all areas of our school.

W- Well prepared. Students get things done the first time. 
      They are on time and have all materials ready.

I-  In Control. Students in control of their behavior walk 

     and talk quietly, are kind, courteous, and model good
M-Make respectful choices.  Students who use respectful 
   choices use good manners, keep our school clean, follow   
   directions and stand 
up for what is right.



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